March 24th, 2004


Salmonella Dub

Boom boom boom boom boom boom dub dub boom boom... Yay!

As always, they were brilliant, and Indigo lent its own special charm, making it a full-on sensory experience as we all swayed in time, there only being room for minimal movement, and steam and smoke poured out the doors into the night. These guys are worth seeing in any venue. Cornerstone Roots were pretty good too, a little reggae for my taste, but if everyone buys their cd they'll be able to afford a bigger sound system, then the dub sound will come through better.

And, after chasing a bus from Cuba Mall to Willis St, then watching my brother stuck on the phone (mainly on hold) for an hour, then hearing about a friend with a broken windscreen getting turned away from a garage, and someone else having problems with an internet purchase (charge the credit card then lose the order - go guys!), yesterday shall henceforth be known as International Crap Service Day.

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