March 22nd, 2004



Getting towed around the harbour at speed on a biscuit behind a jetski is a very good way of blowing off some steam. And rehydrating by osmosis...

...I even got to have a drive...

Or for the more sedate(?), there's this.

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New and interesting methods of entertaining oneself

So maybe you feel like taking up a sport, and want something a little different.. Tired of rugby, basketball and cricket on TV?

Like snorkelling? Try this.

Or, for the fish lover.

Bait? Who needs it anyway?

Married and strong? What about wife-carrying?

Concrete canoeing.

For the fit dairy lover - cheese chasing.

Extreme unicycling.

And don't try this one at home... if at all.. the ultimate Darwin sport.

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Hee hee!
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