March 20th, 2004


Excess energy

Ok. I've been out of action for five whole days now. No climbing, minimal walking, basically nothing physical.

On the positive side, my leg is nearly better (yes it is, dammit!) and I may be able to have a quiet boulder tomorrow.

It's been an education. Normally I'm pretty (very, extremely) active, and it's only taken five days of enforced inactivity for me to become alternately sorry for myself and aggressive, and a burden to my friends. I put it down to excess energy or something. Either that or a coincidental onset of schizophrenia.

Anyway, I conclude that I -need- to be active, or at least to have some form of release, other than climbing, which you have to be 100% to do. So I called the gym, who mysteriously knew I'd just moved in here and sent me a free trial membership, and arranged to go down and view their selection of punching bags (you can do that on one leg, right?)

What I need now is some suggestions for other things that are a good release of energy/emotion, that I could still do if I say, broke my arm. Any suggestions would be appreciated by both me and my poor longsuffering friends.


PS I take back everything I ever said or thought about the behaviour of sick men.
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