March 17th, 2004


The Missing

Things I liked about this movie:

Tommy Lee Jones is hot (old, but hot)
Cate Blanchett is also hot
Horses (always a selling point) and the actors could ride
Really ugly guy in a main role (how often do you see that?)
Good ol' shoot-em-up western
Lots of laughs if you look for them
Theatre with only 6 people in it

Things I didn't like about this movie:
Gratuitous violence
Enough with the 'redemption through death' thing already
Young girls doing dumb things (I know it's necessary to the storyline but for Chrissake! At the depths of my 14-year-old dumbness I was -never- that stupid)
Dodgy speakers in the cinema

In other news, apparently I don't have anything life-threatening (except that I can't climb and climbing is my life). And antibiotics or no antibiotics, dammit I -will- get drunk. If I can't climb, I shall drink. So there.

Edit: No I won't. Fuck it. Grr!

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Giant jaffas and Reality Bites almost make up for no climbing and no alcohol. Almost.

And the ballet tomorrow. Yay!

And why do we celebrate St Patrick but not St George? He did, after all, slay a dragon...