March 16th, 2004


Radioactive pincushion

Ok so Monday morning I wake up with a stiff leg. "oh", I think, "I pulled a muscle climbing on the weekend." Not so. It gradually got worse throughout the day till by 8pm I'm walking like my Dad, who is 81.

Two zappings and a good night's sleep later (which normally works a treat) I'm virtually unable to lift it at all, there's a funny swelling in my groin and I'm using my hand to move it onto the brake pedal when driving.

OK, this is a little scary. I don't get sick. So blow off work and off to the doctor, who puts me through a series of agonizing manoeuvres, informs me that I bear a startling resemblance to his sister, sticks a thermometer in my ear (when did they start putting it -there-?) and starts talking about biopsies and medical insurance. So now I'm freaking slightly. Off I go with a multitude of bits of paper.. blood tests, xrays, antibiotics. Right, so doctor hasn't got a clue what's wrong either and wants me to ring him and tell him when I know. He's hoping the antibiotics will work, otherwise it's the surgeon *cringe* and they are going to cut a slice out of me for investigation.

Oh and apparently I have A Grade junkie veins (they see a needle and pop out in anticipation). And the xray lady has two teenage sons who need a little Tats-style education (this job is worse than being a doctor for people wanting free advice). And I'm not allowed to drink. I am, however, still allowed to climb. Hah. Anyone want to give me a leg-up?

Oh and they recommended that I don't drive while using my hand to operate my leg.


This cheered me up though:

I find out in a couple of days if I have blackleg or foot and mouth disease. And anyone who's thinking 'mad cow disease' can go to hell.

PS ...and still with the horse dreams....
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