March 6th, 2004


Row, row, row yer boat...(la la la)

Hee hee, I just got back from paddling down the Hutt in a homemade raft, as part of the annual MoreFM raft race.

Those of you who know me will right now probably be going 'What? An organized social event? Are you ill?' Well, no. I do it every year. Don't ask me why, but it's a hell of a lot of fun.

This year there were four of us on our wee craft (the Floppy Flipper), armed with plastic toy paddles and blue glitter wigs, and water cannons. And for once the average team member weight was under 75kg, everyone was relatively fit, there was plenty of water in the river and so we were in with a chance.

At least, we were until the first rapid. -We- got through ok but the crew in front of us had a 5-year-old kid on board and he fell off.. so we stopped and picked the poor little bugger up and took him back to his people and basically were Good Samaritans, and we lost a few places. Then we hit some trees and tipped the raft over and my leg got kinda banged up, we swam for a while, which was perfect since it was hot.

6kms later we came in 6th place so no spondoolas for us today, buut, I reckon the winner is the one who has the most fun. And we got free hot dogs..

Funny thing, I do lots of extreme sports but the only time I've ever been rafting is in this crazy raft race. I would love to go do a proper whitewater trip at Otaki. If anyone else is keen, let me know and I'll try to organize a trip. Needs at least four people.
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