March 3rd, 2004


Ancient legends n stuff

This is kinda cool. I always wanted to believe that legend. Keeps alive my belief in Ye Knights Of Olde Yore. And there's nothing sexier than a man on a horse.

And welcome to the twilight zone. Today, as I was walking down The Terrace, minding my own business, my hands started to burn. I mean ouchy burn. So I pulled them out of my pockets and had a look, and they had gone all white and red and blotchy-looking. Urk. Then everything went kinda faded and weird and it felt like there was this -electricity- coming out of the ends of my fingers, and my arms went all white up to the elbows. It lasted for about 5 mins and I had to sit down, and after a while everything went back to kinda normal so I went home, cos there were tears running down my face in public. Not a good look. Now I just feel kinda weak and shaky and freaked. Like some bizarre force just took over my arms for a while and I had no control.

I've read Stephen King, and I'm pretty sure I didn't inadvertantly strangle anybody, and I don't think I'm radioactive, but it freaked me out.

Hmm, maybe I could zap the next student that gets smart to me...
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