February 27th, 2004


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OK so normally I'm a happy drunk. Just, if you want me to maintain my equilibrium, please don't ask me pointed questions that require me to expose myself emotionally. If you do, I will quickly become an embarrassing drunk who blubs on your shoulder. I -know- you care. I -know- you won't hurt me on purpose. And if you -show- these things to me when I'm drunk, my 'inside-person' gets overwhelmed with emotion and all I can do is cry. No reflection on you.

Inside the armour-plating is a big fat marshmallow. Think - Michelin Woman. Just add whiskey. Heh.

Sad, really. I'm impermeable and unflappable, until someone shows me they give a shit, then I become The Amazing Sobbing Thing. A happy medium would be nice... anyone want to tell me how?
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