February 19th, 2004



Fuck I hate mechanics! Are they just chauvanistic by nature or what? They talk in such a condescending manner, like "You're a woman, how could you possibly understand the operation of an internal combustion engine and how dare you make suggestions as to what could be wrong with your own car? I know you've driven it every day for the last two years but this doesn't entitle you to assume you know anything about it. And don't worry your pretty little head about such details as cost, just leave it to us and we will spend your money in the way we feel most appropriate because we know, being female, you're not clever enough to understand the difference between an on-board computer and a spark plug. If we can convince you that a spark plug actually -is- an on-board computer and thus worth $3000, we will. Oh, and we don't care about how much it messes you around to wait for our electrician to check if the computer/spark plug actually works or not. No, we don't keep that kind of equipment in our shop, even though nearly all cars have these devices in them nowadays. That would make life too simple and then we couldn't charge you an exorbitant amount for diagnosis. Oh, and also, maybe we ought to ship the new part in from Japan so you can have the privilege of taking the bus everywhere for the next six weeks, and pay for it to come over on Concord. That'll be $450. Yes, I -know- they sell them at the Warehouse for $5.00 but where's the fun in that? Efficiency? Do you even know what that word means, dear? *pat on hand* Just go shopping or something, love, and we'll call you when your bill goes over the value of your car. Or when you're 65. Whichever comes first."

OK, I feel better now.
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