February 14th, 2004


What day is it again?

Didn't today start out beautifully? Sun shining, birds singing, etc etc... spent a pleasant hour in the garden sweeping karaka berries off the path (damn things, you can't even eat them), then got an out-of-the-blue call from an old friend I haven't seen for ages arranging to meet for coffee next time he's in town. Very cool.

And I finished Mum's birthday present. All I have to do is put it together and mail it, then I can forget Elvis ever existed (and poached songs off Bob Dylan, who is a -true- artist). And many thanks to those who helped.

After lunch I went into town on a graffiti collecting mission. It was very profitable, thanks to the people who tell me when they see good stuff, and also thanks to my good friend Serendipity. The site is down at the moment but they'll be posted as soon as it's back running.

One thing I noticed in town is how RED everything was all of a sudden. Shops that are normally pretty normal and respectable and integrous, suddenly were bursting with roses and frills (sadly, even in Cuba St). 25 bucks for a single rose so people can feel less guilty about how crappy they treat others for the rest of the year? Jeez, jumping a fence and stealing a daisy from some old lady's garden shows more thought than buying some shite from a shop..

It was a garish and shocking way for me to be reminded of our diminishing sense of responsibility. We need days like Valentine's Day to remind us to be nice to each other? And horrible clashing red frilly things to show our love? Urk.

The good news is, people did nice things for me today, yesterday and they probably will tomorrow as well. Because not everyone has bought into mass-commercialisation of caring. And WOOT for those people.

I love my friends. And they know that without me buying them roses.
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