February 7th, 2004


Wellington Trawling

I finally got to try WT's (Cuba St) fish and chips for myself tonight, after varying reports on the quality. So, in the opinion of someone who is fast becoming a fish n chip afficionado (so to speak):

Service: Very average. They were obviously busy but a little slow just the same.

Fish: The fish itself was really nice and fresh, but I could taste that it'd been cooked in oil and well, it's just not the same.

Chips: Nice but nothing to write to Grandma about.

Price: $4.30. A little steep for the size of the serving.

Rating: 7/10, overall not as good as Aro I'm afraid, but Aro could improve by getting their fish from these guys.

I feel a mission to Island Bay coming on. Two people have recommended a place out there as the best in Wellington, and that's a good enough reason to see for myself.
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