February 4th, 2004


Windy city?

Apparently Palmerston North is trying to claim the name 'Windy City' from Wellington. They're putting a big windmill up as a landmark to back their claim.

It might mean they have to change some of their tourist blurb though.

From here

"Is it windy?

Did people tell you that Palmerston North was windy? Well yes, we have the Tararua Windfarm to prove it but it also doesn't get smog like Hamilton or Christchurch! Palmerston North has clean air and is not as windy as Wellington, Wanganui or New Plymouth."

Hmm. What else -could- they call themselves?

Buses, Elvis and Graffiti

Yesterday I found out it's possible for a bus driver to mess up so badly that he drives the whole circuit the wrong way (only one hour late for work), and still keep his job. Desperate for drivers, they are.

Today I found out that Elvis released 776 songs in his career, which adds up to one -hell- of a lot of gyrating..

..and in other news, I now have yummy broadband (woot!), consequence of which is I can finally put my graffiti photos somewhere. The somewhere is here. Only a few so far, some local, some not, but I'm always adding to it and grateful for information where to find any new stuff to photograph.

Wonder what I'll find out tomorrow? Can't wait...
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