January 31st, 2004


Drunken revelry

There's just something about getting thoroughly trashed and dancing all night.. gotta do it occasionally. Reason for celebration - good friend's (very) temporary unemployment after 18 months in a job that made him miserable.

Much tequila, much beer, some other things.. led to table-dancing (why does it -always- lead to table dancing with me?), hilarity and much meeting of new people and hugging of not-so-new people.

I was hit on by no less than 5 different people, which was kinda flattering until friend pointed out that the perv factor around town last night was only about 5/10. Thanks mate! Love you too! Ah, well....

And, thanks to another friend's miracle hangover pre-cure, I feel great! My friends should quit their jobs more often.
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    Gotan Project - Triptico

Feeling lucky?

A friend sent this to me. Try it for yourself and see what happens.

Go to www.google.com

Type in "miserable failure"

Click on "I'm Feeling Lucky"

... I laughed my head off.
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