January 14th, 2004



I went bouldering on the stone wall in Bolton St cemetery this evening. In it there is a mass grave with 3700 people in it who were moved to build the motorway. It's just a big square with a brick surround.

I find this vaguely disturbing.
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Gluttony, moving and separate rooms

I just ate a whole packet of chocolate biscuits! Haven't done that for months... I feel like a very full pig, but chocolate rushing might help me get through tomorrow's chaos.

Yay, moving day! I must have a very short memory cos it always feels like Christmas unpacking boxes, even though I only packed them a few days ago. And the whole nesting thing is a loada fun too.

It's been two years in this little shed, some kind of a record for me I think. I am looking forward to having separate rooms for different activities, instead of (one step left) lounge area, (one step forward) bedroom and (one step right) kitchen. OOh and people being able to walk up to the ranch slider and see me in bed. Won't miss that. I will miss my cool neighbours, my deep red (almost black) rose bush, and my halfpipe.

Ah well, moving forward.
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