January 10th, 2004


Countdown begins

So there are only 5 days to go now till I move and in my usual efficient and organised style I've done practically nothing about packing. However after xx years and about 35 house moves, I'm a bit of an expert at getting it all done in one day. And this time, I'm paying some other poor mugs to shift the heavy stuff. As my brother says, if you've moved yourself a few times, you've paid your dues to the moving gods, so sit back, relax, enjoy watching someone else sweat.

And of course there's the 100 or so steps up to the new place..

So instead of studiously packing, I've been exploring the rockclimbing at Titahi Bay (crappy - bits come off in your hand and it's muddy and you bang your knees on the rock when your footholds break off), taking photos of people leaning into the wind on the top of the Whitireia cliffs, cracking my stockwhip on the back lawn, going to ROTK (damn good except the bit where Aragorn doesn't get his shirt off), lolling about in bed till lunchtime and selling odds and sods on trademe to raise funds and lighten the load.

Oh and I took my kayak round to the new place today (pats self on back).

Seems like lots of people I know are moving this month - maybe there are auspicious stars for it or something...
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