December 13th, 2003


Fish n Chips

Over the last few weeks I've been conducting an unofficial and unscientific survey of fish n chip shops in and around Wellington. Here are the results so far... Prices are for one fish and one scoop:

Starfish, Thorndon

Cost: $4.00
Fish: Beautiful, perfect
Chips: Glorified McDonalds, slightly larger
Comments: The serve was medium sized, the place was scrupulously clean, service slow-ish. They used a lot of packaging.
Rating: 8.5/10

The chinese one opposite Westpac machines in Courtenay Place

Cost: $3.95
Fish: Greasy but decent size
Chips: Greasy but edible
Comments: They were open at 11.30pm (awesome), service was offhand, serving was medium size (this was with the large chips option).
Rating: 7/10

Wellington Trawling, Cuba St

Cost: $4.50
Fish: Nice
Chips: Average
Comments: Very small serving for the price, (from an English friend) - not that good.
Rating: 5/10

Aro St

Cost: $3.60
Fish: Average to good
Chips: Home made (need I say more?)
Comments: Yum! Yum yum!! These guys get the value for money award, I never manage to finish them all. If you haven't tried these yet, go now!
Rating: 9.5/10

Bond St Fish and Chip shop

Cost: $4.20
Fish: Decidedly average
Chips: Standard to boring
Comment: For the price I expected better. These guys charge $3.00 to deliver two blocks. Ouch. Probably won't go back.
Rating: 6/10

If anyone would like to add their favourite chippie and help in my quest to find the perfect fish n chips, please feel free to add your knowledge.

Oh and if you're ever in Porirua, Frank's Fish in Serlby Place is the one... Aro St with more normal-shaped chips and $3.50 for more than you can eat.
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