December 4th, 2003



Today could be chalked up as one of the worst days I've had to endure for a while. One of my students tried to burn the building down through total stupidity (normally I'm pretty positive but I can't think of any other reason why -anyone- would light fireworks indoors) while I was out on business.. I got back and had total chaos and pandemonium to clean up, people yelling at each other, someone got kicked out for good, it was awful.

Tonight was the staff Christmas function. I decided to make an effort and (gasp) actually wore makeup and a dress, and high heels. When I walked in you could hear the sound of 30 jaws hitting the floor - "ohmigod you're a girl!" Scary. Everyone was looking at me, I felt like disappearing into the woodwork and ended up coming home early after a couple of wines and a very large steak.

Now I'm going to get horribly drunk and pretend like today never happened. Christmas cheer anyone?
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