November 22nd, 2003



Wow! Someone said hi! Thanks for that, and to grist for inviting me.. happy happy.

Today I found out that my new climbing shoes, which have taken two weeks so far to arrive, are going to be another WHOLE WEEK!! Aargh! This, apparently, is because my feet are exceptionally small, and so they have to send away for them because no-one stocks them in my size. Is this some form of discrimination?

Oh and there's a shop on Lambton Quay selling stunt kites really cheaply for those who like to take advantage of Welly's awesome weather - anyone for a battle?

My rating for Amelie - 9/10. Would've given it a ten but I found the fact that I don't speak French and therefore had to read the subtitles detracted from what I could see was some -very- good acting. Other than that, I laughed my head off for most of the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it.
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