tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

The vet's bill

Further to my bizarre conversation of yesterday:

Nobi Vac Lepto 1 = $11.80
Canigen Kennel Cough = $10.35
X-Care Consultation = $42.00

So they checked her eyes, ears, teeth, gums, joints, heart, lungs, skin - that's roughly $5.00 per thing. What gets me is that there isn't anything they could find that wasn't there 2 weeks ago, that wouldn't be obvious to me anyway. Hello, lungs? I think I'd notice if there was respiratory trouble. If her heart was sick, it would show. If her joints were, she'd be stiff.

So I paid $42.00 for basically nothing, and it was the major part of the bill.

*not impressed*

Meanwhile, I need a sheet of wood (ply or such) for keeps to shear sheep on. About 1200x1200 would be good, but a bit under or over length would be ok. They are $37 for a 2400x1200 sheet at Carters, and $35 for 1200x1200 (2400 won't fit in my car). If you have one lying around in the shed that you want to give/sell to me, I'd be eternally grateful. Timber merchants and vets are a ripoff.

On the upside, my combs and cutters arrived. Now to get this plant started and check everything works..
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