tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

On why I will embrace our new robotic overlords as long as they don't try to lord it over us.

For those of you who've been a smartass on my blog lately and haven't got your dose of sass back, it isn't because I've:

A) Stopped loving you
B) Run out of ideas
C) Suddenly developed a mature attitude

It's because lj, as you know, has been failing to deliver notifications. I find it kind of interesting that I get notifications of replies to comments I didn't know had been made. It makes for some very stilted and confusing conversations. However it seems to be very random. Yes, I blame the tools. No, I don't obsessively surf my past posts looking for the attention that is comments. I don't! Really!

First is in the vets for her booster today. She likes the vets. They give her pats and she gets to eyeball the bunnies.

Me: So why is it costing me $48.00 and requiring a full appointment for First's booster injection?
Admin person: We can't just inject her, we have to do a full health check first.
Me: She was in two weeks ago for her first injection, is it necessary to repeat the check? What are you checking for?
AP: Yes it's necessary. We check everything. We call it a "top to tail" health check.
Me: What, exactly, do you do?
AP: We check everything.
Me: Define 'everything.'
AP: Would you like to talk to a vet?
Me: Yes please.
*ring ring*
Vet: Hi, I understand you have questions about our "top to tail" health check.
Me: Yes, what exactly is involved please?
Vet: We check everything because sometimes our pets can't tell us what's wrong....
Me: *thinks* Really? Well blow me down! My dog can't talk? Oh noes! *says* Yes, what exactly are you checking for?
Vet: Everything.
Me: ...

I have to pick her up, race home, check the mailbox for exciting parcels of comb-n-cutter-y goodness (nope, still haven't arrived, need 'em Sunday, c'mon NZ Post), maybe do some machinery testing, then get back in to Katipo for delivery of magazines to Jez, conversation with Allyn and hanging out with cool people. There may also be Charlotte in that mix somewhere.

I need a bot to do the mundane stuff like sleep and drive around, so I can get on with my living. I probably won't be at the Picnic of Hand Waving and Pointing in Sawdust because of having to be at somebody's 2nd dan grading tomorrow. Sorry. When did my life get this busy?
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