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My car thinks I don't love her anymore!

I've had my car for two and a half years and that's some kind of a record for me. In that time, she has NEVER let me down. This is despite the fact that I've never changed her oil (self changing - I stick it in the top, it drips slowly out the bottom), never had a tune-up and have only ever done the barest minimum of maintenance required to keep her warrantable. And I've backed into the odd bank/wall and run up a few kerbs as well. And the whole time she has faithfully started, run and been inconspicuous to police officers. Until today.

Today, thinking "I have been pushing my luck with the car, had better get her serviced and tuned up", I booked her in for a birthday. And lo and behold, on the way home from work tonight, who should get stranded in the gutter on the side of the airport road with a car that won't go.. ? Yup. Yours truly. Is this Murphy or karma in operation?

Anyway, I was picked up by one of those groovy trucks that picks up your whole car with a tipping/pulley system thing, and last time I saw my car she was looking lonely and dejected outside the garage where hopefully she'll be resurrected for the weekend.

Just goes to show, doesn't it? If you want hassle-free motoring, put in no effort...
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