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Interesting reading

"Bush and all those who support this unnecessary, illegitimate and immoral war killed him. It is a war that can only be fought by immoral means, since it is completely sundered from any moral foundation.

And if you supported and still support this war, you helped to kill him."

From here. Also, this:

"I despair for my country. We tolerate all these horrors, and we barely protest. I think we are beyond forgiveness now. Forgiveness is not possible for what we have let ourselves become."

So what is the deal? Is this guy right? Are there really more people in the US supporting the war than not, or is there a silent majority that objects but does nothing? One would assume, based on comments on notabouthim's blog yesterday, that the American public should still be in control of what happens in government. If this is really the case, then I can only assume that the majority supports the Iraq war.

One thing that happens in New Zealand is apathy. People moan but do nothing. Every now and then an issue comes up that polarises people (Civil Unions Bill, anyone?) and people get off their arses and stand up for what they believe in. But usually, the general public tends to just 'accept under duress' rather than protest vociferously. However, if Aunty Helen suddenly decided to send our troops to fight in Iraq or *gasp* invade another (smaller, weaker) country, what would happen? Would we go "I don't agree, but ok?" Or would we jump up and down as a nation and stop it through weight of public opinion? From what I hear, the National Party was planning on sending our guys to fight if they were elected, and they came damn close to being elected. What would you do?

In other news, last night I dreamed of shearing pink sheep*. I think this is to do with a slight crisis of confidence over the "OMG it's actually happening" factor - after all I haven't shorn a sheep for at least three years. Also, I met the guy who supplied the shearing plant and he gave me the heebie-jeebies. Ever taken an instant dislike to someone? I can't quite put my finger on it, but he made me shudder, in that ooh-yuck kind of way. It could be because he talked over the top of people, insulted his friend in front of me, slagged the Poms, swilled beer and called one of the clients a nutter. Or I could be imagining it. Anyway, minimising dealings with this guy seems like a good plan or my tongue might run away with me. Yep, I was quietly judging him. Shame on me.

*Yes, pretty soon I'll stop going on about shearing. I'll probably replace it with dissertations on flystrike. ;-)
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