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Culture of fear.. or stupidity.. or.. something.

There's a document circulating around work that outlines the risk management strategy our organisation will implement in the event of bird flu becoming an issue in NZ. One of the measures includes encouraging 'high level hygiene' amongst staff members. It doesn't say what this means, though. I'm wondering what form of 'low level hygiene' we practise now. I consider myslef to be fairly clean, thanks very much. Also, we'll get 14 extra days sick leave and they'll turn the air conditioning off.

Interesting to think about, but in reality if this virus is as bad as the media is making it out to be, wouldn't we all just be better off staying home?

Last night I watched the two-hour pilot for The A-Team. Remember them? I enjoyed the first hour where they introduced the characters, but then it devolved into what it was to become - wall-to-wall action with not much plot - and I remembered why I didn't enjoy it as a kid. One thing I did enjoy was the music. The story was set in mexico, and there were two basic 'themes' to the music. When the action was going the A-Team's way, there was the A-Team theme tune pumping - DAH duh DAH, DAH duh duh dah, DAH-dah duh DAH, DAH duh diddle DAH!. When the action turned and went the Mexicans' way (this happened several times during the course of the one-hour battle to save the villagers from teh Eeeeevil marijuana baron (complete with cheesy mexican moustache and greasy hair), the music was mexican cantina music - with drums!

It was actually possible to tell what was happening on-screen with one's eyes shut, just based on the music. That was more entertaining than the plot. Also entertaining were the retro-hairdos and the tight pants. Didn't anyone tell the producer that it's impossible to be a Real Action Hero in pants that you can't touch your toes in?

I have a friend who is a download freak, and who also likes to show me crazy TV shows that cause me to rant and rail at the TV. This weekend's effort was a show in which families swapped Mums for a week. The families on the show I saw were a 'New Age' family and a Southern Christian one from 'Loo-si-anna'. And wow did the psychologists pick their people well for this show.

They did a really good job of editing to make the New Age mum look like a flake. However I don't think they really needed to do any to show the other mum up. She did it to herself. She was one of those manipulative people who has no shame and do anything to make other people pander to her will, including crying, shouting, making a scene, self-induced vomiting and browbeating people. She did all of these in the course of the week. Oh, she also attempted to proselytise the children of the family, after refusing to take part in a solstice celebration. When her proselytisation failed she demanded to go to church and the family went with her.

At the end of the show she did her nana completely at the thought of 'astrology and tarot' being allowed into her home. And I'm not talking "Look I'm really angry about this and this is why." I mean shouting, screaming at her own family, foaming at the mouth, the whole nine yards. Only camera people who "have a relationship with Jesus" were allowed to stay in the house. I can just imagine the producer on the radio going "Don't stop filming, whatever you do."

The thing that bothered me about the whole thing is the way she nutted off at her own family. The four-year-old granddaughter was scared shitless. This woman was rabid. And she wasn't listening to anything anyone said, including "Mum, she didn't talk about astrology or tarot, she was actually quite nice." In fact I think, after a week with the softly-spoken, considerate and basically normal (if somewhat flaky) New Age mum, seeing their own mother nut off like that, so irrationally, would cause them to lose respect for her and everything she stood for. They all looked utterly disgusted with her (except the granddaughter, who just looked scared of her). *shakes head* It made me feel ill to watch, and disturbs me that there are people who live like that. I was brought up in a house where voices weren't raised and nobody lost the plot like that, and watching this woman lose it so completely for no good reason that I could see made me feel physically ill.

The one I felt most sorry for in the whole thing (apart from the kids) was the New Age Dad. He seemed like a decent sort and he copped a lot of crap from the other mum. I bet he appreciated his own wife when she got back though.

This is what passes for entertainment these days. This stuff is played in the same time-slot as the A-Team used to be when I was 12. OK, the wife swapping was more -entertaining- to me as an adult, but what does it say about us that this is what we are watching while we digest our dinner? Psychologically disturbed, self-selected extremists, displaying coping mechanisms that are destructive, antagonistic and manipulative, in the name of entertainment. Gah!

Needless to say my friend got his money's worth out of my reaction to it.

Am I too sheltered? Naive? I don't think I ever want to get used to that kind of behaviour.

Hehe. I just had a ring from the shearing plant guy. He wants to drop it into my house for me this evening. Timing! And I won the auction for the combs and cutters, saving myself $130 on retail. Thanks rodgerd for the headsup. So my list is complete..

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