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They had flying horses!

And my, how they are all growing up. Yes indeed.

So my list of needed things:

4 combs, 10 cutters - Brand newies bid for on Trademe
A handpiece screwdriver
Scrubbing brush
Comb pouch would not be a silly idea - working on this one. In the meantime, yay for plastic bags.
Oil bottle - anyone got a small squirty bottle with nozzle they want to give me?

Also on the list are:

Drench gun
Vaccination gun - no vaccinating to be done now so this can wait till next year.
Blade shears
Secateurs for hoof trimming

So yay for Farmlands in Masterton, who also had drench with selenium at reasonable prices and threw in a couple of tubes for free. Also, yay for them being open on a weekend. I wonder if they do mail order? Hmm..

Now for some gates and a small trailer. Anyone know anyone selling one?

Went to see my friend Gavin. Haven't seen him for about 2 years. He has this dog name of Fritz - an extremely large German Shepherd. Anyway, First has met Fritz before, for about 5 minutes two years ago. So he comes roaring out of the house, straight up to her without so much as a by your leave, and I braced myself for First's automatic "Fuck Off Now!!" response. It never came. She went "Hey Fritz, Wanna run?" And off they went. At the park they acted like they'd known each other for years. No actual playing but loads of running and sniffing and no defensive stuff from First at all. He is not neutered, and I'm thinking that might have something to do with it - after all, where First has spent most of her life, all the dogs are entire. It's what she's used to. Also the whole interaction didn't have the forcedness there is when you meet dogs at a communal dog exercise area. It was cool.

And no, Gavin didn't look at me funny when I started rubbing my hands and face on the new leaves on the trees in the park, just because they feel nice. They do, try it.

He rocks. I miss the Wairarapa.
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