tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

List from the other day, or - Don't try to buy farm gear in town shops

4 combs
10 cutters
A handpiece screwdriver/doofer tool (don't know where that went)
Scrubbing brush
Comb pouch would not be a silly idea.
Oil bottle

Also on the list are:

Drench gun
Vaccination gun
Blade shears
Secateurs for hoof trimming

Apparently there aren't any shearers in the Wellington region (?), so they only stock a very limited range of stuff - read: very expensive stuff. Since when were cutters $90 a box? The upshot of this is that I'm off to Masterton tomorrow to go to a real shop.

I have also been lurking on Trademe. I want that grinder so bad!

Portable yards still elude me, but I have a handy lead gleaned from the Wrightson's chap. So they were useful for something..

EDIT: Just talked to the guy who used to do the job. Ended up with 7 phone numbers and the use of a grinder for free.. *skips*
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