tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Fun things to do at home

I dragged out my shearing toolbox last night and cleaned/sorted everything. It's in amazingly good condition considering it hasn't been touched for a couple of years, which I attribute to not washing the sheep-grease off before putting it away. I made a list of things to buy at Wrightsons. Yes, I know it's sad that one of my favourite shops sells tractor parts, dog food and fencing staples.

I need:

4 combs
10 cutters
A handpiece screwdriver/doofer tool (don't know where that went)
Scrubbing brush
Comb pouch would not be a silly idea.
Oil bottle

Also on the list are:

Drench gun
Vaccination gun
Blade shears
Secateurs for hoof trimming

Then I'm sorted, with the exception of portable yards. I expect I'll have to buy these, or start haunting farm auctions and talking to anyone I know who has a PhD in welding.

Doop de doo, any of these things would make damn fine Christmas presents. Yes.
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