tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

News of the Day

We found a tenant. She moves in in three weeks. Everything with this house has gone remarkably smoothly.

This business with Shiree is weighing heavily on me. I think developing my own headache on her behalf may be taking empathy to the extreme, no? I just hope it turns out to be a food allergy or something (for her, I mean. Mine is just me doing my thing).

First is booked in to the vets tomorrow for her annual spring cleaning (vaccinations etc) and to see why she's suddenly got a small bald patch over one eye. I hate dropping her and leaving her there because she's always been really good at the vets and I'm pretty sure she will take a dim view of being left in a tiny crate all day, pulled out for half an hour during which she's poked, prodded and jabbed with needles, then put back in the crate. All this without me there for reassurance. Luckily she handles these strange experiences pretty well and isn't prone to bad reactions.

However, if the bald patch is something more virulent than me overreacting, I don't want her to be completely bald by the time I can get a weekend or after-work appointment for her. Why can't vets be available when I want them to be?

Tonight I am going to see I Heart Huckabees. I'm told it's brilliant.

Thus concludes today's thrilling instalment of Tats Exciting Life. Film at eleven.

ps I've had a visit from the Drama Llama. Llamas are tasty and good with ketchup.
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