tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

It's a fruit sensation!

Out driving today, I encountered several small incidents of inconsiderate driving. Nothing major, just things like people pulling out of intersections suddenly, and causing me to have to brake, being cut off at roundabouts, people swerving into my lane and causing me to have to swerve to avoid them. In each incident, the driver of the other car was a young white male wearing a baseball cap.

I hate it when people reinforce stereotypes. Especially when they then complain about the stereotype.

In other news, I dropped 20c in the supermarket. As I bent down to pick it up, the smell of fresh strawberries hit me. It was a physical thing. I could feel the smell going through my nose and down my windpipe, I could taste it on my tongue and it made me salivate. Strawberries make me think of summer and stubbly hay paddocks and fat cows and barbecues and Christmas and the beach.

So yeah, I stood there like an idiot for a couple of minutes, inhaling and salivating. But I didn't buy any. I love the smell, just not so keen on eating them - too tangy. Please remember this post next time I ask to sniff your strawberries..
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