tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Metal makes everything better, no really...

I didn't skate today. I feel tired and my body is sore (plus it's windy and I hate skating into the wind).

Tats <-- Woos.

My sensibilities are taking another battering. I think I'm too sensitive, or too naive or something.

Would you put this on your dog?

It's a prong or pinch collar. The way it operates is that when the leash is pulled, the prongs 'stand up' and pinch the dog's skin, causing discomfort. The loops provide leverage and a slight choking effect.

I see it as somewhat akin to this:

This is for horses. It's a liverpool or coach bit. This works in two ways. The jointed part, when pressure is put on the reins, folds like a nutcracker, pinching the horse's jaw. The shanks, depending on which hole you put the reins in, add leverage to the pressure, pulling the chain up under the horse's chin and causing the bit to press harder on the bars (jawbone) part of the horse's mouth.

Now, both of these things have their supporters, and I grant that in very gentle and experienced hands you could use either without causing stress or trauma to the dog/horse. Of course, very gentle and experienced trainers don't have the problems that would warrant the use of such devices, because they have the knowledge to subvert unwanted behaviour before it gets to that point.

So that leaves us with the inexperienced people, who are limited in knowledge and use these devices to try and 'fix' problems that they have allowed to get out of hand.

I hold that you can train a dog to walk beside you without using a leash at all. This is what I do. I also hold that you can control a horse without a bit, although I am the first to admit that my seat is not good enough to do this consistently. I would not, however, consider using anything like a liverpool bit on a horse, because I know my hands aren't steady enough. If my horse is pulling, it's because I'm giving him something to pull against. I would not use a prong collar on a dog, because it would never be necessary. *sigh*

These things are freely available for anyone to buy. I got these pictures from internet sales sites. People buy them, and use them. In the hands of the kind of people who need mechanical devices to help them handle their animals, these things can be instruments of torture.

It makes me very sad to see these devices recommended by so-called experts.

I'm having a bad week with regard to what I'm seeing done in the name of 'good animal care.'

So I need a bit of cheering up. I vote for Serenity and a party at, oh... Sean's place! Yeah.

In other news, I dreamed that I was a WoW priest in real life, and I had to keep people alive. I was really good at it, but oh, the pressure! Much easier to just go "Tell me what to shoot at, boss."


I want cake and chocolate and Charlotte.
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