tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Musing would be more fun if I knew what I was trying to say..

I've taken to doing a few pullups off the side of the cubicle each time I use the ladies' at work. This in the interests of getting some extra upper body exercise while taking no extra chunks of time out of my day. It adds up to about 20 a day and my arms feel like they've done something after work, which is very cool and helps no end with my sanity. However, I live in fear of getting caught. I think I'd have a hard time explaining it somehow, never mind that even I think it's a little silly and kind of embarrassing.

Yesterday I paid my 6-monthly visit to Miss Demeanour. This time it was only $130. That place is amazing - they always have something that fits me perfectly and looks good and is heinously expensive. Thus me only going there every six months. This time it's a halter top in silk brocade that matches my hair, with a lace up the back and it's hawt by itself so it's gotta be good right? I discussed this with Kim and with her help, I came up with this justification:

"If it looks good and I like it, I'll wear it a lot, and because it's so well made and not a trend thing I'll still be able to wear it in 10 years so I will get my money's worth out of it."

Pretty good rationalisation, no? Never mind that in 10 years I'll be 45 and unlikely to get away with wearing halter tops

Been watching The Amazing Race. It's very interesting. On it, there is a family of four who claim to be Christians. They are very proud of their Christianity and talk a lot about God in their interviews.

So the race is happening, they are coming second to last. They are not very pleasant people and the other teams are not particularly keen on them. Anyway, they are driving along in their car praying. "Dear god, please help us win this race, if it's your will. Amen." WTF?? Anyway, meanwhile another team, who are winning, have the opportunity to make any team of their choice stop and stand around for 15 minutes while everyone else continues. It's called a Yield, and is designed to add unpredictability to the race. So these guys use the Yield on the Christian team.

While they are standing around waiting, they spend the entire 15 minutes talking about the team that Yielded them and what they'd like to see happen to them, and how they are all ugly and mutants and generally being very un-Christian about the whole thing. God wasn't mentioned at all. Suddenly, their human desire for revenge and nastiness came to the fore.

So, how thin is this veneer of religion? Obviously it's thinner in some people than in others, but I'm thinking, everyone has a point at which the teachings of their religion (or their moral and ethical code if they are not religious) are dropped in favour of baser things. The people in The Amazing Race seemed as if they were using their religion as a cover to allow them to be nasty people. "But we're Christian!!! We must be good people!!"

*sigh* I don't really know what I'm trying to say here but I really do wonder how deep religion runs in most people who claim to be religious.

Finally, my self-improvement mantra for the day - try to be less judgemental. People may have good reasons for behaving in a seemingly idiotic way. Just because I don't know what their reasons are doesn't mean I'm right and they are wrong. Also, don't buy into pointless arguments.
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