tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Pirates these days - they're just not what they used to be..

"Off the Somali coast, pirates fired a rocket launcher at a cruise ship filled with American and British tourists. The ship's crew scared the pirates off with loud noises, and no one was injured." - From Harper's Weekly.

Since when were pirates scared off with loud noises? What is the world coming to? I see a generation of kids growing up wanting to dress as cruise ship crew at Hallowe'en because they're tougher and scarier. *tut tuts*

In other news - "Streets Awash With Vomit!" *evil giggle*

I discovered the downside to skating to work. Mental note: look far enough ahead so you have time to take evasive action.

This trend I find a little disturbing. I mean, back in my day *shakes cane at whippersnappers* we at least tried to make it to the bushes and do it discreetly there. I understand that sometimes you don't get a chance, but on the pavement? Why not the gutter, at least? *sigh* Is vomiting in public becoming as commonplace as spitting? I'm amazed how acceptable this seems to be. Upper Cuba St is now an exercise in dodging spit, dog poop (?) and piles of sick. I suggest a morning hose-down every day. Or clap folks in the stocks for spitting and vomiting in the street *shakes cane again*, and what the hell are people doing letting their dogs crap in the middle of town and not picking it up? How do they get away with it?

Tats <-- Bringing the gross since 1970.

[EDIT] Can someone please tell me what YMMV stands for?
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