tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

And the catchcry of the day is

"LAMB SAUSAGES!! Made from only the cutest, fuzziest lambs! They never saw it coming, super tender!" etc etc.

Actually they were made from fat old dry ewes but how many people can actually tell the difference in a sausage? And we sold them all, and we're that little bit closer to Takeda sensei paying us a visit. Many thanks to Steve for the entertainment, Kim for onion slicing and creating cordon bleu Charcoal Supreme Sausages (which sold extraordinarily well), and to Simon for efficiently delivering bread and disposing of the excess. ;-)

My new sickle looks exactly like the one Getafix uses in the Asterix books, as opposed to my old one which looks like a mini-scythe. I like the old one better. Apparently Wrightsons in Porirua sells that style, but they must be gentleman farmers because they were closed. I so wanted to go in there and sniff the shearing oil. *sigh*

Tomorrow, lawn mowing.
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