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Geek wars!

There was an lj post yesterday that sparked a discussion between myself and one of my geekier friends about operating systems and which was the best. This person is not a fan of Windows XP and said it sucks and that Windows 2000 rocks. I was saying that it's a matter of opinion based on your own requirements in an operating system, he was saying "No, it's fact. Windows XP sucks."

Now, I'm not really a geek (at least not a computer geek anyway, but I am somewhat of an internet geek), so I can't get into the nitty gritties of which operating system is better/worse and for what reason. But I needed to find something conclusive.

Enter googlemancy. Yes, the art of divination through Google. I conducted a non-scientific experiment, whereby I typed '*insert operating system here* sucks' (note not with true speechmarks) into Google and checked how many hits it came up with. I then did the same with '*operating system* rocks.' Ah, the weight of opinion, how I love your Google manifestation...

Anyway, I only used 6 operating systems because that's all I could think of.

Windows 2000 - 1,650,000
Windows XP - 2,450,000
Linux - 2,360,000
Unix - 1,290,000
Mac OS X - 1,170,000
DOS - 945,000

This would indicate that yes, Windows XP does suck the most. Even more than Linux. But wait, there's more...

Windows 2000 - 9,800,000
Windows XP - 4,230,000
Linux - 2,160,000
Unix - 1,180,000
Mac OS X - 3,060,000
DOS - 1,930,000

So, Windows 2000 is winning in the rocking stakes by quite a long way. But wait, there's yet more.. (and a free gift if you call in the next 5 minutes)

I then did some not-so-geeky maths and subtracted the sucking from the rocking to get a Grand Total. This total could be positive or negative depending on how many people think it rocks compared with how many people think it sucks.

Windows 2000 - +8,150,000
Windows XP - +1,780,000
Linux - -200,000
Unix - -110,000
Mac OS X - +1,890,000
DOS - -985,000

So there you have it, folks. According to the mystic art of googlemancy, we have a clear winner. In order from rocking to sucking, it goes:

Windows 2000, Mac OS X, Windows XP, Unix, Linux, DOS.

Windows XP actually comes out on the rocking side. *pokes friend* But even I knew Windows 2000 was pretty good. So, we'll have no more arguments about operating systems, thanks. (Collective sigh of relief from non-geeks worldwide)

DISCLAIMER: Yes I know you could drive a bulldozer through my statistical analysis. So sue me.

I was lying about the free gift
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