tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Country bumpkins vs city slickers

(Or: Don't underestimate people whose lifestyle you know nothing about)

OK. Someone got a dog from the pound. They paid for it to be speyed, vaccinated, all the fees and what have you. The dog's now theirs, right? Then the old owners turn up and want it back. These people live locally and every time the old owner's kids walk past, the dog goes nuts. The new owner doesn't want to give the dog back, and wants to legally prevent the old owners from 'harrassing' their dog. They post on the internet for advice.

Most people say 'file a lawsuit.' WTF? Then someone pipes in and says "Clearly it's their dog, why don't you just give it back? Spending money doesn't necessarily indicate ownership."

It's turning into a city people vs country people thing, because somebody said "In the country we'd give the dog back and lawsuits are a city people thing." I can't believe that anyone would want to have a lawsuit over it at all. It's a dog ffs. The other thing I don't get is why it's either give the dog back or have a lawsuit? Nobody's suggested talking to the people and trying to sort something out (thinking of the two sets of kids who stand to lose their dog here). And, you know, mediators are cheaper than lawyers if it comes to that.

*sigh* Any guesses what country this is all in?

And for the record, country people are not stupid. Nor are city people. Individuals are stupid, and I hate it when stupid people stand up as a representative of their chosen label.
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