tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Happy Birthday Beagl! You are a lucky man

Kim is wonderful. She brings the happy. ;-) And no, beagl, you will not be hearing any 'old fart' jokes from me. *cough*

Bringing the sad is waking up and the only email in your inbox is spam. Damnit, the spammers have found my domain and they are using my personal address that I don't give out to businesses. How they got it I don't know but no, I don't need any viagra or penis enlargement today, thanks.

And bringing the happy is the accidental discovery of a cd full of Pitch Black and Delirium, given to me by a friend, tucked away amongst my work papers. New music! Whee!

Again with the sad - my hips, knees and back are all playing up - a product, possibly, of the minimum of three miles daily I've been walking lately (on the pavement = high impact).

And the happy - I oiled my bedroom door hinges. Now I can have sneaky clandestine liaisons without waking up the household. You have no idea how ironic that is. ;-)

Four hours sleep is enough, right?
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