tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Whizz! Wham! There you go! Or, the power of focused intent.

So, um, I'm about to become a property magnate. That is, if owning half a house in an outer Wellington suburb counts as magnate-hood. Or should I say, owning half a mortgage? Anyway, yeah. No more hunting. I'm a bit taken aback that the house was listed on Monday, we viewed it Monday night, put in an offer yesterday and the conditional contract gets signed today. I'm thinking it's more complicated than this, right? Not complaining, just surprised. I thought there was that whole offer, counter-offer, almost get pipped at the post by someone else with vastly more money, three weeks of biting nails carry-on.

But apparently not. Once the bits n pieces are sorted I guess finding some tenants is the next step. Any advice gratefully accepted.

This has all been a bit of a shock for me. I'll spare you the details but the opportunity to do this has basically just fallen in my lap out of the blue. For years (literally about 15 years) I've dreamed of having my own bit of dirt. Don't get me wrong, a house in the suburbs is not my dream, or even close to it. But what it is, is an asset. Assets are things against which you can borrow money (a few years down the track, when I have more equity than the bank does) to buy a scrappy piece of land that needs the kind of TLC at which I excel.

The plan has always been, get a small rough block, use my leet skillz0rs to turn it into a tidy wee lifestyle block, sell, buy a bigger one, etc and so on, until eventually I end up with my 300 acres, of which I farm 100 (breeding The Better Sheep is so on my CV), and allow 200 to regenerate into native bush. Whereupon I shall live happily ever after and there will be horses and a soft-focus rose bower and all my friends will come and stay and we'll sip wine and watch sunsets and swim in the waterfall (of course there'll be one) and my sheep will never get sick and there will be lush pasture and a grapevine and fat happy cows and there's swelling mood music of my choice and a kind of golden cast over the whole thing...

*slaps self*

*cough* Anyway, you get the idea. The stumbling block has always been getting enough money together for that first initial investment. And now, thanks to the Cunning Plan and my smart family, the opportunity has arisen to get started. I'm blown away, gobsmacked, scared, happy, grateful, excited, wary, impatient and thrilled all at the same time. Yay for opportunities falling in your lap unexpectedly.

But mostly my inner kid is just going "WOOOOOHEEEEEE!!!!"

I'm on my way, and don't it feel good?

Meanwhile, I think I'm going to miss the boarding season completely. I guess I've had three really good ones in a row and got more than my money's worth, so being philosophical, I don't mind that much really.

I heard a nasty rumour on the radio this morning that Don Brash, despite conceding government, is now attempting to establish a majority. Anyone know what's up with that?
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