tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

If I were still a shepherd, I'd be docking this week (only not today because of the rain)

It had to happen. I just wish it had waited till November. Yup, my shoes finally gave up the ghost on my walk to work this morning. The soles split, leaving me with wet socks, wet feet and wet shoes. I'm padding around work barefoot and unlike school, there are no radiators to dry my socks on. *plays tiny violin*

This about a week after I recommended the brand to someone as long-lasting shoes. My first pair lasted a year, this pair has lasted less than 6 months. OK so I wear them all the time, but it seems to me that the quality has slipped a lot. So now I'm in the market for more comfy flat-soled work shoes that look ok with jeans too. Big ask? I don't think so.

In other news, there may be an offer in the offing. Two more houses viewed, one looks right on first viewing, and for once slightly under budget instead of slightly over. This is all very educational, and real estate agents do that 'super-firm-grip' handshake thing. They must all go to the same sales school.

Meanwhile, I think it's funny when Americans correct me on my spelling. Oh yes I do. *evil cackle*
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