tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Hurricane in a thimble

So my 'what is prayer' post on that there forum has reached 219 comments. I quit the community when it was about 30 comments, but apparently this is a topic that people have very strong personal views about. I'm still getting notifications of the comments, and does it make me a bad person that it gives me a certain sense of satisfaction to see Jesus Boy getting his ass handed to him on a plate? Who said I was mature?

Also on a similar topic, the Stuff poll today is "Do you believe in witchcraft?" It's linked to this article. So tell me, what the hell is 'white magic?' or 'black magic?' And can someone please tell these ignorant fuckers to stop making us sound like a bunch of fluffy idiots to the general public? If she's really studied witchcraft she would not be using these terms. [/rant]

Last night I finally used my aikido training for the first time in real life. Anyone who's been to our house will know about The Steps. Well, those wooden-edged ones at the bottom Got Me Good in the rain. My body went "Ooops, falling, better breakfall!" And I did, so most of my body's just fine. The breakfalling shoulder didn't handle the angle of the steps that well and got wrenched, but Yay Me! It could've been my back. There will be no training today but bathing in arnica instead.

And walking of First in the sunshine, gently.
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