tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Outstanding Beige Entertainer

Whatever happened to Billy T James? I mean, yeah, I know he died, but why don't they show him on TV any more? Have we really become so politically correct that we can't show his stuff? Without Billy T, the sum total of Maori humour we get fed is Bro Town, and that's just sad. I'd like to start a campaign to Bring Back Billy.

It did occur to me that maybe some iwi owns the rights to his shows and is demanding crazy amounts of money to air them. Anyone who knows, please fill me in. hesperus?

Also, I'm exploring the benefits of spinach as opposed to potato chips as a snack. And you know, they aren't bad. Usually when I eat tatie chips is when I'm gaming, and I munch away without paying much attention to what's going in my mouth. One crinkly packet is pretty much like another, really. Spinach actually tastes better, and I can stuff myself silly without feeling icky the next day. They are easier than pistachio nuts, although not as deliciously salty. I just need to figure out a way to deal with green teeth.

You know when you meet someone and you just take an instant liking to them? I met someone like that last night. Nope, a female. Sorry, this is not the potential tale of debauchery you were looking for. Move along. But yeah. That was cool. And cocooning myself in the warmth and content of old friends as well.

In fact, last night was very cool, for so many reasons. I am smiling hugely today.
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