tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

An alternative perspective or an altered state

This is interesting. An Iraqi refugee in Beirut’s viewpoint on UNHCR’s methods of collecting money for refugees.

“… it’s about the illegal and humiliating actions of the UNHCR, who using photos of refugees as banners and human-buttons to collect money. This is an abuse of the dignity and humanity of the refugees…”

I’ve sometimes wondered what the kids in the Ethiopia photos (when I was a kid it was Ethiopia) think now they are adults. And I also wonder how these organisations would get folks to open their pockets without the ‘OMG the poor things’ heart-tugging photos.


Is it possible for hormones to make you clumsy? I’ve been so unco the last couple of days that I was afraid to go to circus last night. Hormones? Or the sudden lack of iron in my body? How do I fix it? It affects my brain too, and I find myself ranting impotently in a futile attempt to let out my frustration. Gah.

On the upside, at least it’s predictable. It doesn’t hurt like endometriosis. It’s about as debilitating though, and I reserve the right to run away and hide and eat too much chocolate and cry and feel sorry for myself just as much. So there.

Last night I got sucked in by a silly trick and because I was hormonal I made a dick of myself over it. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t get sucked in, and normally I wouldn’t overreact. Add that to the ‘falling over your feet all day and opening doors into your face’ thing, and you have one huge blubbing mess of angst and self-loathing.

That is what I object to. Being a complete reject for three days every month, knowing it’s happening, and yet not being able to control it. It affects your mind. Which is why I go and hide. The alternatives are not pretty, and nor am I.

TMI? *shrug* See you in a day or so.

Hmm again. Happy place. Lambs, daffodils, green grass, sunshine.. I miss Tinui so much it hurts sometimes.

Also. I made it to 50 friends! w00t! That made my day.
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