tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Romeo, romeo? Apparently our matriarchalness is scaring away the Y chromosomes

Not exactly new news, but There's a man shortage in New Zealand.

"Mr Salt said that in New Zealand this imbalance had led to a highly matriarchal society marked by a female Prime Minister, Governor-General, Chief Justice and several other high-profile positions."

Highly matriarchal? In what way, Mr Salt? Is it because women actually have some of the top jobs? Oh noes! An imbalance of power! *ahem* Never mind that most of the top jobs are still filled by men. Oh no, call Matriarchal! My Mum is not a cultural leader, and NZ has -always- had women in positions of power. I think it's to do with the fact that there was no telling the pioneering women they were weak and couldn't run things after they'd just spent the day cutting scrub and dagging sheep, then baked scones for the family and done the washing as well. Never mind that women -had- to run things when all the men got swiped off for war in the 20th century. Matriarchal? Just capable compared with women in other countries maybe.

"It will also get worse as larger, richer, skill-hungry countries in the Northern Hemisphere target bright young men trained and educated at the expense of New Zealand and Australian taxpayers."

And why, pray tell, are they only targeting the men? Could it perhaps be because *gasp* they have these outdated views about the capability of women? It could, of course, be that women prioritise differently and are less likely to apply for such jobs. *sigh*

Anyway, I hadn't noticed there being a shortage of men. There seem to be plenty where I work. *grin*

[/feminist rant]

I saw the first snowdrops this morning, in my garden. It made me smile. Also, there will be a shiny house when I get home. *beam*
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