tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Everything seems a little underexposed today

So I'm sitting on the bus this morning in my sparkly swimmy sleep-depped state and it suddenly dawned on me how ridiculous working is. There are all these people, wearing clothes they would never choose to wear, reading printouts about stuff they'd never choose to study, out of bed well before the natural time to get up (looking at the I'm-not-awake-yet faces), going somewhere to interact in a slightly false manner with a bunch of other people they would usually not choose to associate with, who are doing exactly the same thing. And it was very strange.

It got even stranger when I started imagining what it would be like if the sides of the bus fell off and everyone was left sitting there clutching their palm pilots and briefcases, exposed to the world. It's amazing what people will do in public if they have the semblance of cover provided by four glass walls.

Um, maybe I should go to bed a bit earlier tonight. I blame Scorren and her wily ways.
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