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Treat it like a monkey

After the huge break from climbing, I thought I'd be crap. But last night I did a 22 (Aus 23, US 5.11b) first up. I was most impressed with myself. Not my best by a long way, but nice after a break of five months. Of course after that I was pretty useless and fell off a 19 like the soft wimpy little floppy thing I am when my arms went all jellylike. But I climbed to failure and I feel good about it. Also, there were Other Cool People there which always makes for good fun. And my usual manic partner can be relied upon to bring the challenges - "Here, try this one, only you're not allowed to touch that one, that one, that one...." *points to all the holds on the wall* "And you get extra points if you do the move where you have to do the splits while hanging off one little finger.." Er, scuse me, why is your little finger all black and swollen? *grin*

I watched Mr and Mrs Smith. It was crap, except for the hotness that is Angelina Jolie. Anyone else noticed Brad's getting fat? Twilight Samurai was both funnier and more romantic, and I'm not into protracted scenes of people beating each other up. Great concept, could have made an excellent thriller, but Hollywood ballsed it up. Oh well.

And, finally, the musical episode. Yay! Wall to wall cheese. I'm very interested to see what happens next after all the revelations. *sings* o~ Grr-argh! o~

Had an argument yesterday with one of my colleagues over the best way to swing a gate. I love my job. ;-)

PS For those who are waiting for photos, be patient. They will happen, but the man is busy and life is more important. *fidgets*
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