tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Apparently I have a Syndrome

I'm not sure I want a syndrome.

It's called Restless Legs Syndrome and has been linked to an inability to take up iron to certain cells in the brain. It's also genetic. This makes sense considering my Mum gets it occasionally and I've always been a bit anaemic. Oh well, nothing for it, I'll just have to eat more dead animals. And before all you vegies start jumping up and down, yes I have tried other forms of iron consumption and nothing works like red meat.

And, today is Pay Day. Every payday, I treat myself with a huge sundae from Copenhagen at lunchtime, with white chocolate and boysenberry and strawberry ice cream. I take it back to work to eat, where everyone looks at me aghast and tut-tuts over my extravagance. (financial? physical?)

I think it's good to treat yourself to something on payday. Or am I the only one that does this? Surely not. Sad for the human race if I am..
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