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Star Wars was so bad it made me twitch

I agree with everyone else re Batman Begins. It was suitably dark and gothic and tragic and had many gratuitous shirtless Christian Bale shots and Liam Neeson is like Sean Connery, he just gets more attractive as he gets older. The story held my attention, there were lots of explosions and some laughs. A good fun dark movie. And the Embassy makes your seat vibrate which is always good.

Then I saw Star Wars episode 1. Um. Hayden Christensen was Really Bad, and he managed to make everyone else look bad too. I mean, Ewen Mcgregor can normally act, but there was this rumbling noise every time he was on screen - I think it was Alec Guinness spinning in his grave. And, well.. "You are so beautiful".. "It's because I'm so in love." WTF? Were any of the original script writers working on this movie, or did they just get in piece workers from Hallmark? Anyway, I started to doze off about half way through, then went to bed. Here's what I probably missed:

Palpatine: Come over to the dark side, Anakin
Obi Wan: No, don't
Anakin: Umm..
Palpatine: Yess
Obi Wan: Nooo
Anakin: Umm...
Padme: *dies*
Anakin: Er, ok.
Palpatine: *skips*
Obi Wan: *cries*
Stuff: *explodes*

*sigh* All the suspense of what's for dinner tonight. So much for that. I think part of the reason I had trouble with this movie is that I had 'restless legs'. You know when it's really uncomfortable to sit still and they just want to twitch constantly? Does anyone else get this? Does anyone have a theory on what causes it, or more importantly how to avoid it? It's horrible.

My unsubstantiated theory (I have one about everything you know) is that wearing synthetic pants builds up static and somehow makes your legs all electric and jumpy. Sensible thing would be to avoid synthetic pants. And when they make a natural fibre that doesn't need ironing, I will. Meanwhile, I'm looking for advice on things to minimise the twitch.. anyone?
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