tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Cos you haven't seen enough yet..

For those who haven't seen yet: Allyn's pics and Rodger's pics. Ah, the pretty people!


Yeah yeah, you can dress me up, can't take me anywhere, etc etc.

So I was walking up Cuba St yesterday, and looking at the first years (as you do). A few months ago I commented how they all looked fresh and new and in their 'I just left home' bright chirpy summer clothes. Well, now they are 80% wearing black and most have a piercing or two. They are asserting their individuality - or in other words, Wellington got them too. It only took four months. Their parents will be horrified when they go home for the holidays.

How people look at me depends a lot on how I look at them. <-- (oh-so-deep philosophical discovery du jour). This has many applications.

And, yay for cheese-dreams and even more yay for keeping the feeling going when you wake up. Yes.
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