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Sold my soul

Well, sort of. I am committed to aerials class by way of financial sacrifice. Six weeks of whimpering like Jez on Thursday nights, at the end of which I should have learned something (one hopes), and in combination with aikido and climbing (which has revived now I'm not crippled any more) should satisfy my need for physical activity. And snowboarding! *skips*

There is stuff swirling around in my head, surfacing after being long dormant. It's almost as if writing it down broke some barrier. Changes are afoot. And amazing things can be done with energy.

*cough* Anyway..

Is it possible to be touched inside by someone's voice, and have a physical reaction to it?

light up a cigarette she said
and calm the fuck down
you got a serious side to you
that could give the whole world a frown
now nothin' really matters to me you see
check out these holes in my gown
let your eyes lose their focus a little
let your guard come down

i was thirsty for everything
but water wasn't my style
guess we might have to teach me somethin'
guess we might have to show me how

now put out that cigarette she said
somethin' ain't right in here
it's tied to the both of us, I ain't sure now, it isn't clear
we could have been born helpless children
beggin' for our next meal
I could be a voodoo lady, just a classy hooker
playin' the field

classy holy hooker!!!
hey! I've made up my mind, yeah
I came to see your sign
disappear this mornin' but come back tonight

light up a cigarette she said
and calm the fuck down
relax and let your ears hear this beautiful song
that's hidin' underneath the sound

voodoo lady
are you for real?

Also, Twilight Samurai is a very cool movie. You should see it.
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