tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

Waterproof mascara is a double edged sword

There were so many cool people at Thomas and Kim's uning celebration, and we were all dressed like grownups and Sean didn't recognise me because I looked like a girl and normally when I see him I'm all with the farmer Jim gear and I introduced him to swanndris. So it's no wonder really.. What a fun night. All my favourite people were there, and some new people, and Kim looked amazing. And I so wanted to dive on the bed full of coats and roll around. But I resisted, much as I resist doing a belly slide across the boardroom table at work, even though it screams at me to do it.

Last night I went to Nicolini's which I'd heard lots about but never experienced. Steak, mushrooms, cannelloni and cheesecake with herby bread and and.. half a bottle of red wine.. yes. And I got told I would make a very good 'giggling in the corner' drunk. Which means I'd probably still miss out on the violation.. *sigh* Anyway, I'll definitely go there again.

I may get a chance to try giggling in the corner this weekend at Maire's, where we all dress like grownups and act like kids once again. Anyone want to tell me how I can get there and back and avoid driving?

In silly fangirl news, I finally got to the episode where Spike gets some recognition for doing nice things for Buffy. And he gets his shirt off. In my half-bottle-of-wine induced sentimental state, this almost reduced me to tears. *cue men to roll eyes heavenwards* I don't care. It's pretty people saying funny stuff and good entertainment. Nyah.
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