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Why do I keep doing it to myself?

So that was definitely the Weekend O Blobbing, between being sociable that is. And after alcohol on Friday I spent most of Sunday in a shaky, dizzy haze of being asleep/awake/asleep. I don't seem to cope with alcohol well. My body doesn't process it very efficiently. And can somebody please stop me from eating all the giant pebbles in one go? Sugar is evil. Eeeevil! So no more sugar for me.

Last night I had more horse dreams, this time not-living-up-to-reponsibility-guilt ones. I got given a beautiful mare who I fell in love with on the spot, then found I had no time to look after her properly and she gradually turned bad because of my neglect.* I woke up this morning questioning why I've wasted a whole long weekend doing nothing at all, and feeling incredibly bad and guilty for not having taken First for a walk. Which combined with sugar crashing from all the giant pebbles was a Very Bad Thing.

So this afternoon was about eating proper food, exercising myself and my dog (she hoons so beautifully) and visting Jez and Andrea, who are always cool and earned a place in First's heart with their gas heater. It was very brisk today and my whole skin is tingly and I feel good. So that's my latest thing. No sugar, more exercise. Yes, more. Taking bets on how long it lasts.

*There was also a dolphin pool in the backyard that was connected to the sea so they could come and go as they pleased. That rocked.
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