tatjna (tatjna) wrote,

You know you're in New Zealand when..

You attend the AGM of a national organisation and one of the main points on the agenda is how to organise the annual conference around the AllBlack/Springbok test on the Saturday night.

Things learned in the last two days: a) heated seats in rental cars rock and b) never, ever use hotel conditioner. Just, don't.

Also, still glad Wellington is my home. It's so nice and clean and hilly. And has the people I care about in it. *feels all fuzzy*

I may have a drink tonight. If I'm not safe with internet people who have imaginary superpowers, who am I safe with? Huh?

And, there seem to be many famous-people-lookalikes appearing on my horizon lately. In the last week I have seen people who may or may not be Cliff Curtis, Paul Holmes and the bald guy from Star Trek (the new version). I like to think it was them and that Cliff Curtis really does hang out in Fidels..
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